Megan & Leo’s Wedding {Wheatland, WY}


I have been waiting so long for this day. I have known Megan for a long time and it means the world to me that she has found the perfect man that completes this Beautiful Family. Megan and Leo are without a doubt….the perfect pair and I am so thrilled that I was given the honor of photographing their special day.

The day started in the tiny (but Lovely) town of Wheatland, Wy; where the couple and their family lives. After getting ready, it was time to head up the mountain where close friends and family witnessed the union in a perfect ceremony for Megan and Leo. ┬áSo many details surrounded the place that expressed the couple’s character…from the wild flowers, the mountains, and right down to boots as the desired attire for wedding party and guests. The ceremony was followed by festivities with a BBQ style dinner, dancing, and cupcakes….with celebrating straight into the early morning hours.

I want to say a Big Congrats and Best Wishes to my Dear friends on their Beautiful Marriage. I love them and their family so much and wish them every happiness!!


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