Ashley & Craig’s Wedding {Springfield, MA}

I hadn’t met Ashley and Craig until the day of their wedding and had only corresponded via FB and e-mail. But what I truly loved about this day, along with the joy I felt towards my new dear friends, was the closeness of family and that they all shared and in making me feel super comfortable. This was my very first Massachusetts and New England Wedding, and the day couldn’t of been more Amazing…considering the off and on rain we have been experiencing during this summer. But all was just right for Ashley and Craig and the rain subsided for the day.

Ashley and Craig had a Short, but Beautiful, Ceremony; followed by cocktails and an Amazing Receptions. Their guests new that they had come for an evening of true celebration, having the pleasure of good food, a dessert bar, an ice cream bar, and open bar, and dancing the night away. The evening was just filled with so much love among family and friends, and between the Perfect Couple.

I want to extend a Big Congratulation and Best Wishes to my Dear Friends!!!


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